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Sadabahar Banquet

Seating Capacity Round Table 500 Person In Rows 800 Persons"
Address: 227 Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi.

We are located at the Ideal location at the center of the city. This provides easy access to people living all over Karachi. Banquet has the capacity of maximum 500 guests to accommodate at a time. We specialize in producing highly personalized weddings, social, and corporate events.

To welcome our clients and their respective guests, we began with the glass entrance gates. In front of it there is a wooden wall that is all decorated and set to welcome with different kind of stunning crystal ball stand, metal candle stands in longitudinal shape and to compliment some in long brass stands with glass giving a beautiful effect of burning candles. Then come the elegant checkerboard floor in white and black tiles gives it a graphic punch as well as some historical resonance. On the left we offer a full length mirror at the entrance of the party.

We have beautiful chandeliers with red rose flowers that add beauty and color to the top of the marquee. To compliment them we have center pieces with contrasting colors and tall flower arrangements are used to create an overall rhythm for the space. Special care is taken in color combination as they convey warmth, festivity and excitement. Colors seem to charge up the energy at any event. LEDs are embedded that allow us to add different colors to the marquee and create different effect.

Fresh flower work is offered on stage as it is the most important element of the event. Some time we have to use all our tools of a stage set designer to transport our guests in to a world of enchantment.

We respect our client’s vision, budget and tailor each event based on those needs. We use our expertise to create an impression in all of our endeavors to make the event leave the lasting impression for years to come.

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